jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

Campus Urbe

Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacín

Requirements for URBE

Steps for Admission-Undergraduate
You can pre-register as follows: 1.1. Face: "Cancel the amount of BsF. 150.00 per term registration at any authorized banks or at the headquarters of the University, debit card or credit card (Visa or Master Card), to which must be present the card holder mentioned. "With the bank deposit receipt, debit card or credit card, take in the information booth located in the Bill of pre Rector. "After having filled the pre-registration Form, consígnela with comprabante bank deposit or payment and a photocopy of his identity card in the box rector for validation. Steps for Enrollment, Undergraduate
Cancel at any authorized banks or at the headquarters of the University with a debit card or credit card, the cost of the initial term or, as the payment method selected, and follow these steps:
2 .- Control Studies: 2.1 .- Submit the following documents: "Black background of the title of Bachelor (bring original to confront) "Original and photocopy of Notes Certified Baccalaureate 7th to 5th Year, coded formats: RR-DEA-03-03. "Return of enrollment in the National Register of the National Higher Education Entrance (RUSNIES). "Photocopy of identity card. "Original and photocopy of birth certificate. "Pre-registration Form. "Two shots from the front, passport. 'Proof of bank deposit for the payment of the initial period or, as the payment method selected. 2.2 .- Remove the registration form and proof of bank deposit.
3 .- In the case of the Chancellor: 3.1 .- Submit the registration form and proof of bank deposit. 3.2. Cancel Bs.F. 70.00 per student card concept. 3.3. Cancel Bs.F. 20.00 per student for insurance. 4. Please contact your University ID to the Registration Form validated by cash payment and receipt of student card for processing. Payment
a) In cash: Deposited in any authorized bank in cash, debit or credit card (Visa and Master Card), full payment of the value of the Academic Year. (Credit Unit Total cost of it). b) Fees: Initial: Bs.F. 1060.00 (Right). Bs.F. 760.00 (other races). The URBE available to their students interest-free financing the cost of the studies, by paying an initial and a remaining balance, divided into 4 consecutive installments, after 17 UC UC RIGHT and 14 for other races to be canceled according to the payment schedule Annex:

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

What errands do you often

My daily routine is to go to collage in the morning, at noon to go to work, then at night to get to my house to share with my daughter, do my homework and help them do it.

My days off like going to movies, go for walks with my daughter and my boyfriend

This is my Neighborhood

This is my neighborhood, is a bit noisy on weekends, listen very hard holiday music out there.

Is a quiet neighborhood not see robbery, is a bit safer.

Fashion Trends in Urbe

   Fashion trends often vary in collage, girls usually use jeans, sandals low, chemisse and hand bags. The boys used shoes sport, flannel wide and caps.

  Seen in the halls of the university people dressed like rockers, we also see guajiras

jueves, 28 de octubre de 2010

My family History

        I was born in Maracaibo in a happy family.

       When I was born my father and mother were married, for reasons of late now divorced and each has its own family.

      My mother ewmarried and now i have two beautiful little brothers.

       Live in my house my brothers, my mom, my grandmother, my sofpfather and my beautiful baby Michelle..

jueves, 14 de octubre de 2010

The robber

      The robber is robbing the store, when he was surprised by the police.
      The cap catch a criminal.
      The borglar break a law.
      The criminal is making a confession. It said "It was not me"
       It was condemned 5 years of prison.